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Artshow Preview 2017 - Medium - Ink (8 works)

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Cloud Study One

Height 51cm x Width 62cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Impressionist

© Judith Carrick (3)

NRN# 000-3093-0159-01

Exhibit# 1553

Summer Stream Two

Height 910cm x Width 910cm

Ink on Canvas

Genre: Contemporary

© Judith Carrick (3)

NRN# 000-3093-0158-01

Exhibit# 1064


Height 76cm x Width 101cm

Ink on Canvas

Genre: Contemporary

© Judith Carrick (3)

NRN# 000-3093-0157-01

Exhibit# 1552

Sweet Dreams

Height 72cm x Width 86cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Abstract

© Christine Clarke (1)

NRN# 000-38916-0134-01

Exhibit# 1081


Height 25cm x Width 25cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Other

© Kate Henson (1)

NRN# 000-36558-0135-01

Exhibit# 1218


The Crescent Brighton

Only 350 metres from Church Street shops, no detail has been overlooked at The Crescent. Independent, quality retirement living in a vibrant community. 95 Outer Crescent, Brighton Ph: 1300 204 032

The Secret Garden

Height 38cm x Width 101cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Yi Pei Loh (2)

NRN# 000-37509-0143-01

Exhibit# 1304

Three Reds

Height 86cm x Width 69cm

Ink on Other

Genre: Contemporary

© Ann Richardson (1)

NRN# 000-3236-0188-01

Exhibit# 1411


Height 93cm x Width 73cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Gabrielle Young (1)

NRN# 000-2124-0178-01

Exhibit# 1543