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Irina Hart, Artist (3 works)

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Poci’s Italian Restaurant

The most iconic Italian restaurant in Hampton. Owned by the Daou family it is still the best pizza in town. 417 Hampton Street, Hampton - Ph: 9598 7477

Under The Mexican Sky

Height 81cm x Width 122cm

Resin on Wood

Genre: Seascape

© Irina Hart

NRN# 000-36499-0147-01

Exhibit# 1204

Deep Within

Height 50cm x Width 60cm

Resin on Canvas

Genre: Contemporary

© Irina Hart

NRN# 000-36499-0157-01

Exhibit# 1203

Cosmic Glow

Height 32cm x Width 44cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre: Abstract

© Irina Hart

NRN# 000-36499-0159-01

Exhibit# 1202