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Deep In The Forest by Brad Trembath



DIMENSIONS (Height - 47.00 cm X Width - 40.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Other
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1899-0220-01
COPYRIGHT © Brad Trembath
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Artist: Brad Trembath






Brad Trembath was born in Melbourne in 1975. He has always had a passion for the Australian bush and its fauna & travels extensively with a camera & sketch book in hand to capture birds and animals in their natural environment. Today having a large reference library at his disposal enables him to portray the facial expressions & characteristics that help bring his subjects to life. The light & atmosphere in Brad’s paintings truly enhances his subjects, especially deep down in the undergrowth where the intricate shafts of light delicately break through the foliage into the miniature world of birds such as the blue wren. These tiny delicate birds are his speciality, not only for their colour, but the way they display themselves. Brad places a great deal of emphasis on light and action, with meticulous attention to detail making his paintings look lifelike enough to be compared by many, to actual photographs. He has a fascination with spider webs and includes one in most of his artwork.

Brad prefers to use both gouache and more recently acrylic to achieve the fine detail needed for his artwork. His ‘out of focus’ backgrounds are painted with an airbrush. Which helps to enhance the fine detail in the foreground. Over recent years he has established an ever increasing demand for his work. Paintings have been sent overseas to many countries including Canada & UK and also hang in private collections throughout Australia. He regularly exhibits in art shows where he has won many awards, including ‘Best Watercolour” at the Box Hill Rotary Art Show. Brad has had outstanding sales in numerous art shows, including Camberwell Rotary Art Show in 2013. His work has also been reproduced as greeting cards for charities and as prints. He exhibits in some notable galleries and has featured in joint and solo exhibitions.

A self taught artist, he has been fortunate to have had guidance from his father Ern Trembath, a successful landscape artist.

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