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Federica by Surya Murali



DIMENSIONS (Height - 80.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2677-0162-01
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Artist: Surya Murali


Murali Surya is a Realist Artist who has passionately embraced Drawing and Painting as an inbuilt nature in his life since his early school days. He is inspired by the Natural Realism including Human Figure, Portraiture and the vast life in Nature.

 He has exhibited his work in many avenues and also has got recognition a number of times. His water color portrait received the ‘Best Portrait Award’ in Berwick Artfest 2013. He has also received some awards form AGRA.

He has been commissioned to make Murals in Melbourne to be used as backdrops for classical concerts and events. He has also been commissioned to make portraits of prominent Individuals in the community.

Being inspired by the Masters he travelled to Florence, Italy to study painting from Life. He is a classically trained artist from Florence. He completed his Diploma in Drawing and Painting in flying colors at Florence Academy of Art, Italy. He has also attended workshops with David Kassan, Susan Tustain Harrison and Max Ginsburg.

Murali mainly works with Charcoal and Oils. He also explores water colors and other contemporary mediums frequently.

Artist Statement

I believe that Drawing is the basic essence of life to communicate in a logical or creative sense. It is a universal language with no differences of what so ever and has been used to communicate from the age-old days. It is a perfect mode of meditation as well as trance, transporting you to another world of your own. Drawing and painting process is a very good problem-solving exercise which is continuously improving, where you never stop learning. I experience this in every work of mine. Initially starting with the abstract design of the subject and eventually connecting as one being, while the essence of form, shape, expression, emotion and life evolves thru the skill of Drawing.

" My vision is to effectively express and glorify the invaluable richness of our humanity and its experiences at various stages of emotions and intensity, joy and sorrow, the contrasts between life and death, the beauty and the beast, hope and despair. Through this journey I hope to offer a message that points the viewer to a divine hope. I paint my subjects from life therefore have been gifted the privilege of exploring the awe-inspiring breadth and depth of the beauty of Mother Earth. It is exciting to wonder and ponder the greatness of our Master Creator of the Universe."

Thanks to all the masters who have visualized so much history and life of the past ages in a realistic style as a treasure to us. I would like to be a small part in the ‘revival of the realism’ by joining all the realist masters of today to express the beauty, the aesthetic innocence of life and nature of today without unnecessary distortion and continue the precious tradition.

Surya Murali


June 2019

Charcoal and Oil has bee my favourite medium, though I work occassionally in Water colors as well.

I have attended many workshops of some prominent artists of today 

I have studied Academic Drawing Methods at Florence Academy of Art and a student currently at break.

Portraiture and classical realism is mostly seen in my work.

Exhibited in many Art Shows


Best Portrait awarded at Berwick Artfest 2013

Highly commended work at Kenneth Jack Annual Memorial Drawing 2015 contest by AGRA Galleries

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