Thurs Aug 15th – Sun Aug 18th, 2019

Roses by Jacqueline Kenna



DIMENSIONS (Height - 46.00 cm X Width - 46.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41120-0149-01
COPYRIGHT © Jacqueline Kenna
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Artist: Jacqueline Kenna


.I started my career in the performing arts rather than the visual arts. 

My dancing & singing took me travelling. I performed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Djakarta, The Cockpit Hotel, Singapore, Nipa Lodge, Pataya, etc & spent 3 months performing for the American troupes during the Vietnam war. It was an amazing few years but touring can get lonely. 
On returning to Melbourne I enrolled to study Fine Art at the Preston Institute. It was an exciting place to study as the art course was innovative and had many good teachers. It developed my love of conceptual art. After graduating, I worked for 12 months as a recreation officer at the Carlton Community Centre & then my partner & I went to Europe. After wandering through Greece & Italy we wound up in Spain. In Cadaques, just near Dali's house, I managed a gallery for 5 months. Then we travelled overland to India where we loitered for a while. I did some of my favourite drawings in Afganistan, Napal & Jaipur. 
Back in Melbourne again we started a wholesale jewellery business importing from the friends we had made in India, Thailand & Bali & designing and making our own. After retiring I returned to drawing & painting.
My works are "never far from home." They are incidental observations of things, places and moments that are meaningful to me. A red cabbage that my daughter bought home in a box of produce that changed colour as it remained uneaten, the roses my son gave me for my birthday that became more beautiful as they faded. Oyster shells after lunch, my son & dog on the bush walk near us and my garden!! The constant changes in colour & light that I am treated to daily.
I usually start with an image but don't mind if it gets lost along the way. For me, the joy of painting is the push and pull along the way. The two way interaction that keeps it challenging & vital. The interplay of light & colour. I love organic forms & conceptual suggestion. 










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