Thurs Aug 15th – Sun Aug 18th, 2019

The Low Burn by Carin Lavery

ARTIST NOTES: This is a different version of another painting of mine called 'The Cool Fire'which has been sold. I read a very interesting article by Mr Glen Kelly, about the Aboriginal community’s vast knowledge about using fire as one of the main tools in caring for Country. Mr Kelly is a member of the Nyungar Community, the traditional owners of south-west of Western Australia. In his article, ‘Karla Wongi Fire Talk’, a Nyungar perspective on forest burning’ Mr Kelly talks about ‘Cool Fires’, burns of lower intensity, the most common use of fire for land management. This method doesn’t damage upper layers of the forest and if performed correctly, provides rich food and diverse re-growth.
I wanted to pay tribute to Mr Kelly, his very interesting article, the Nyungar people and all our Aboriginal communities by painting this painting.
1.Photograph: Dennis Sarson/Lochman Transparencies
2.Karla Wonga Fire Talk:


DIMENSIONS (Height - 100.00 cm X Width - 70.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37019-0175-01
COPYRIGHT © Carin Lavery
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Artist: Carin Lavery


Carin is a visual artist, born and raised in England, now living in Melbourne Australia.  She is most widely known for her bold dynamic watercolours of our natural world. She also works with graphite and pastels and writes poetry.

Her work has been licensed for Christmas cards and has attracted international awards.  She has a strong commissions-following, exhibits regularly and sells internationally.

Her paintings are as diverse in style and subject as nature itself.  Realistic, impressionist or abstract, they communicate our world through watercolour – ranging from the land, sky, sea, animals and insects to people and communities.  

Carin raises community awareness of important subjects through her art.  She says “Art can be a powerful means of communication like no other”.  To date, sales of her paintings have raised $14,000 to support programs for refugees and people seeking asylum and victims and survivors of domestic violence.  Carin has also raised awareness of marginalised Australian Indigenous communities and traditional land management practices through her paintings.   


Solo Exhibition, Space2b
Art Room Gallery Abstract Exhibition
VAA International Online Exhibition
Art Show International Exhibition: How I remember
AGRA Art Challenge Connections Exhibition
MAVA Re$pect Exhibition
SmART Small Art Works Exhibition
Grey Cube Gallery Abstract Art Contest
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Art Room Gallery Colours Exhibition

Heads High, Space2b
Linden Postcard Show

Knox Art Show
Linden Postcard Show

None, due to family reasons

Art in Tune Exhibition
Collins Street Baptist Church 'Salt of The Earth' Exhibition

Albert Park College Art Show
Linden Gallery Postcard Exhibition
Bayside Art Exhibition
Collins Street Baptist Church 'Fire and Life' Exhibition
Contemporary Art Society Annual Exhibition
Contemporary Art Society Contemporary By Nature Exhibition
Decoy Cafe in Exhibition Street, Melbourne (February)
Decoy Cafe in Exhibition Street, Melbourne (May)
Contemporary Art Society A4 Exhibition

Contemporary Art Society A4 Exhibition
Contemporary Art Society Burnley Harbour Exhibition
Linden Gallery Postcard Exhibition
Collins Street Baptist Church 'The Good Earth' Exhibition
Solo Exhibition, Level 8 Gallery

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